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Good Morning!

… I am not sure if I was telling here at my blog that my son broke his arm about two months ago. He had a very serious break on his growth bone plus two others (right on the wrist).  A success of healing was really relied on how the doctor will put the broken bones in place and then put a hard cast. It happens that we were lucky to get an excellent  doctor who did a wonderful job. My son is cast free for almost two weeks now, and he can play baseball again.

Couple of days ago he asked me if we can send a thank you card to this doctor. I was totally with him on this idea. I asked to choose a stamp and made a card using TGF stamp. It looks like my son liked the card because when he came from school he asked if he can sign it. I was very touched when I glanced inside the card. We already sent this card and hope it will find our doctor. :)

I also would like to participate in TGF challenge since this week it is Anything Goes.

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TGF for Orthopedist

Доброе утро!

Не знаю, говорила ли я вам о том, что около двух месяцев назад мой сын сломал руку в области запастья. Перелом был серьезный, одна из трех сломанных косточек была “растущей”. Процесс заживания большей степенью зависел от того, как правильно доктор вправит кость перед тем, как поставят гипс. Мы попали в руки к очень хорошему доктору. Он помог моему мальчику! И вот как почти две недели сняли гипс!

Мой ребенок спросил, можно ли нам отправить открытку нашему спасителю. Конечно, я поддержала эту идею.  Сынуля выбрал штампик для открытки, а я с огромным удовльствием ее сотворила.  Приехав со школы, сынуля сразу взялся за открытку и оставил там слова, которые меня очень тронули…

Вчера открытку отправили в поликлинику, очень хотим, чтобы она нашла адресата. Оказывается, не легко найти нашего доктора.

Всем спасибо,


Where do I begin…


 … To tell the story of how great a love can be
The sweet love story that is older than the sea
The simple truth about the love she brings to me
Where do I start…

Just like in this song from the movie Love Story I don’t know where to start talking about the latest project I was working on.

I will begin from the beginning…

A dear friend of mine, asked me if I can make a special gift for her friend at work for his wedding Anniversary. He wanted to surprise his wife and make a special booklet using words from the song that mean a lot to their love story. He sent to me lyrics and ideas for the pictures. All I needed to do is put it all together.

I haven’t  done scrapbooking for years… And creating this booklet/mini-album was like remembering good old times for myself. I absolutely enjoyed doing it!

My friend’s friend loved it too! And his beautiful wife really liked it also. On the day of the Anniversary he gave her gorgeous bouquet of roses and this book.

I am so happy that I had an opportunity to do this project for this amazing couple! :) They are not only make happy each other but everybody around. Isn’t it is wonderful!!!

That is not the end of the story… When I finished the project I didn’t take any pictures, I just didn’t know if it is okay to do I. Well, my friend’s friend asked me if I took the pictures, and when he found out that I didn’t he kindly offered to take it for me. This guy is simply awesome!!! Don’t you think?

And here are the pictures that he took for me.

Page Cover

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page Last

Thank you, Fred! I hope it is okay that I wrote your name here on my blog. You are an amazing man! And I think people like you really make a difference in our world. :)

And thank you to all of my readers for stopping by today.







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Baseball Pouch

Baseball Pouch

Hello Everyone!

Several days ago I finished a sewing project. This pouch is part of it. I used small pieces of fabric that were left. All pieces were sewn together and then quilted on sew-on fleece.

I am still learning how to take a good picture. Sorry for not excellent quality. Pattern for the pouch is from michellepatterns.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Best wishes,


Baseball Pouch 2

Всем привет!

Несколько дней назад сшился вот такой вот кошелечек-сумочка на съемной ручке (выкройка приобретена здесь – michellepatterns).

От большой сумки оставались кусочки ткани, и я решила их использовать. Собрав кусочки, продублировала их нашивным флизелином. Что-то типо техники петчворк, но в очень простом исполнении.

По-моему, в жизни этот кошелечек выглядит намного симпатичнее, чем на моем фото. Я все еще учусь делать хорошие фотографии. Извините за нелучшее качество.

Спасибо, что приходите в гости и особо ценю все ваши комментарии.

Всем всех благ,


Baseball Pouch 3

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Another Elena WS from The Greeting Farm

Good Day everyone!

Today I have another card to show. Used The Greeting Farm stamp, again. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by, your comments mean a lot to me.

Best wishes,


Elena WS TGF

Доброго Дня!

А вот еще одна открытка со штампиком моей любимой компании.

Спасибо, что заходите в гости. Ваши комментарии очень много значат для меня.

С наилучшими пожеланиями,


MOJO sketch


Today I would like to show you a card I made for MOJO Monday sketch.

I used a stamp from The Greeting Farm.

Youga Anya TGF

Hope you like it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking on me. I appreciate your time and kind comments.

Happy Sunday,


You’re an Anchor


You're my Anchor

Today I made a card for MFT blog. I participated in the Sketch Challenge. The stamp I used is from a la models series .

You're my Anchor CloseUP

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving comments. Love hearing from you. :)



A bag with a friend in mind…


Today I am showing you a bag/tote that I made with a dear friend of mine in mind. I saw this fabric at Jo-Ann store and already knew what I will create.

I was especially inspired after visiting this beautiful blog – Уголочек моего творчества .

I like how it turned out. I think it looks much better in real life. Maybe I am just a bad photographer.

Tote for BF_3 copy

Tote for BF_2 copy

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love reading your comments. :)





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Hello! I missed you…

Hello Everyone!

For Anya TGf


Sorry for such long absence at my blog. I missed you… Did you miss me?

I want to start my back to blogging mood with the card that I made not long ago. I got my pre-order for July kit from The Greeting Farm (it was my birthday gift). I loved every image in this set and every sentiment.

For the layout of my card I followed awesome sketch from Jen’s blog.

I like how it turned out. It was nice to hold pencils, papers and stamps in hands again.

Thank you so much for stopping by and still remembering me!




Two from Mama Elephant

Hello everyone,

today I have two cards to share with you that I made for my friends’ birthdays.

I inked up two stamp sets from Mama Elephant, one from The Greeting Farm  and one from Lawn Fawn (for the Happy Birthday saying).


Do you like the shaker card? It is very popular in card making world now. :)

Panda Shaker Card

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me your kind words.

Hope I inspired some of you too today.



Всем привет!

Сегодня разместила две открытки, которые сделала своим друзьям на День Рождение.

Даже попробовала сделать открытку-погремушку. По-моему такие сейчас очень популярны в мире открыточников. :)

Спасибо большое, что заглянули ко мне на блог.

Надеюсь, что может кого-то и я сегодня вдохновила.

Обнимаю всех,




Two More Videos


I have more videos to share with you. It is all about soft toys I like to make.

Hope you like it. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your commetns,



А вот ещё одно видео. Здесь я рассказываю и показываю мягкие игрушки, изготовление которых приносит мне радость.

Надеюсь, что вам понравится. :)

Спасибо большое за то, что зашли ко мне на блог и за ваши комментарии!


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