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Don’t say anything if there is nothing nice to say…

Hello to everyone who stopped at my blog!

No card today, not even a crafty item.

I wanted to tell you a little story that happened to me yesterday, you may call me after that a drama queen. For me… it was a big deal.

You may know that I have Facebook Page. I used to have Facebook profile, but switched to page (they say it is better when you have started your business).

Yesterday I posted several pictures of one of the toys I made and one person left a very unpleasant comment. You see, I am not an American born, so sometimes I struggle with words and understanding the language. At first I didn’t pay close attention to it, then I realized the true meaning of it. I asked my husband if that what I think? He didn’t even try to explain to me, just said that I need to forget about it. Well, I couldn’t…

I know everybody has an opinion, but in some situations it is better not tell anything. Word has a power. You can either hurt another person with the word, or you can actually help in a good way.

I am a very sensitive and open person. My heart is always open for everyone, and hearing and seeing something like these towards what I do, I think is mean. I understand that I am doing not the prettiest of the crafts, that there are people that make much better, that I don’t do anything special. Well, yesterday I felt even worse. I wouldn’t go deep in my feelings…

Anyway, it was a good lesson for me, don’t be so naïve, it is wrong to be heart open to others.

Thank you for reading it. And sorry if you think that it is really nothing, that is what I felt yesterday and feel today.



P.S. I deleted everything from my FB page. If my pictures (and toys I make) were that bad, why to leave them there…



Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas everybody!

May your home be filled with Christmas songs, cakes, candies and all the love that this festive season brings.


Elena and family

Arctic Fox


As you may know that I originally come from Russia, Siberia. You would think cold weather should be normal for me. I don’t know what happened to me but lately I am wearing warm clothes even in the summer when I feel light air breeze. Maybe I am getting old or maybe I am just used to warmer temperatures over the years. I really don’t know. So, If I would be as this Arctic Fox on my card I wouldn’t survive the winter in cold temperature… I know for sure that I will be attached to hot tea or cocoa for the rest of the winter. 🙂

Lawnscaping blog hosting another challenge and it is an inspiration challenge – arctic colors. I got an idea right away with this Winter Fox stamp. Coloring her close to the colors of Arctic Fox was the plan. I also found some on-line  info about this foxy, pretty interesting.


Arctic Fox

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments!

Wishing all warm and cozy day,



Если вы постоянный читатель моего блога, то уже знаете, что родилась я в Сибири (как в песне у Маши Распутиной). Казалось бы, холодные зимы, арктический циклон для меня дело привычное. Ой, нет… В последнее время, вот не поверите, я даже летом ношу кофточки и всякие тепленькие вещички. Ветерок подует, все я мерзну. Что это со мной? Я старею (теперь я понимаю бабулек на лавочках летом в теплых фуфаечках и валенках)? А может просто мой организм уже перестроился на более теплый климат? Не знаю, честно… Но знаю точно, что если бы я оказалась на месте этой Арктической лисички в холодную погоду, то я бы долго не протянула. Хотя… С чашечкой горячего чая или какао,  возможно я бы зиму пережила. В общем-то я этим и занимаюсь, особенно по вечерам, согреваю себя горячими напитками в прикуску с печенюшками и конфетками. Говорю себе: “Лена, остановись. Столько не можно!” Не, не работает… Буду брать себя в руки, прямо сейчас! Ведь новый Год скоро, нужно приводить себя в порядок! 😉

Заболталась, отвлеклась от темы. Один из моих любимых блогов Lawnscaping blog проводит очередной конкурс-задание. В этот раз нужно создать открытку по цветовой гамме – тема Арктика. Идея пришла мне в голову сразу (чему я была очень удивлена). Взять мой любимый штамик и разукрасить лисичку под цвет Арктической. Даже залезла искать информацию по этому поводу. Кстати, было интересно.

Спасибо мои хорошие, что заходите ко мне в гости.

Всем хороших, тепленьких деньков,




Bon Appetite!

… Last week I made these Russian Varenyky with potatoes inside. They turned out good, ask my son (he ate a whole bunch of it). Sergei also helped me to make them.

When I lived in Russia usually the whole family was involved in the process of making Varenyky or Pelmeni. In our family it looked like this: my mom was making the dough, my dad was rolling out the circles and my sister and me were filling them up and shaping the desired form. Usually we were making whole bunch of it, put them on the cutting board, freeze them and then eat (after cooking them of course) during the long Siberian winter.

My favorite Varenyky are with potatoes, farmer’s cheese, berries and very special ones with pork, potatoes and onions. Yummy!

Do you have a family meal that you enjoy making together? I would like to hear from you your stories. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your commetns!

Wishing all day full of yummy meals and warm feelings,


Edited in

Edited in

… На прошлой неделе налепила вареников с картошкой. Получилось вкусно, спросите моего сына (он попросил добавку). А еще Серега помог мне их лепить. Когда я жила в России, то обычно вся семья была задействована в процессе лепки вареников или пельмений. Своего рода семейный конвейер. Мама замешивала тесто, папа раскатывал кружочки, а мы с сестрой начиняли начинкой и лепили. А потом все вместе всё это лопали. Обычно мы делали большую партию вареников или пельмений. замораживали их на балконе, а потом ели в течение холодной и долгой сибирской зимы.

Мои любимые вареники с картошкой, творогом, ягодами и специальные фирменные со свининой, картошкой и луком. Вкуснятина!

А в вашей семье есть/была традиция приготовления любимого блюда? Рассказывайте, не стесняйтесь. Мне всегда интересно слушать ваши истории.

Спасибо вам дорогие мои, что забегаете ко мне в гости.

Всего вам самого наилучшего,




Memories brought by holidays…

Holiday Bag 3Hello!

Before I show you today’s project I wanted to thank you all who stopped at my blog during the Lawnscaping blog hop. Huge thank you to all for the nice compliments about stuffed toy Yeti that I made. I didn’t even know that he would be so likeable.

If some of you would like to have the same one I would be happy to make one for you. Just send me a message and we will discuss all the details. 🙂  I also thinking of working on the pattern and sharing it with you if anybody interested of course. It would be drawn by hand since I am stupid about computer graphics.  Just let me know if you would like one.

Holiday Bag


Holiday Bag 2

…today’s project brought to you by the memories from my childhood. When I was kid I was so excited about the coming Holidays. In Russia New Year has the same meaning as Christmas here in the USA. Pretty much every child would find under the tree a bag full of treats which are chocolate candy, nuts and clementine. New Year always associated with the smell of clementine for me. During the Soviet time it was hard for our parents to buy all of these yumminess. That is why it was a real treat for us as kids to receive this bag or box full of candy, nuts and fruit.

Holiday Bag 4

I made this bag out of cotton fabric and cross stitched design from UK CrossStitcher magazine. It turned out cute I think. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Wishing all a day full of wonderful memories and holiday treats,


Holiday Bag 5

Здравствуйте дорогие мои гости!

Вот такой вот новогодний мешочек придумался и сшился… А еще он навеял на меня детские воспоминания о Новом Годе. Помните мешочки или коробочки,н аполненные конфетами шоколадными, орешками и мандаринами, которые мы находили под елочкой, на утренниках или Дед Мороз их приносил к нам домой.  В общем чарующий запах мандарин, наверное, надолго останется у меня в памяти…

Спасибо, что заходите в гости и за ваши добрые слова.

Всем желаю приятных воспоминаний, навеянных волшебным праздником Новый Год,


A winner is announced!

Thank you so much to all who participated in my gave away.

This afternoon I picked a winner and it happened to be – Kathy Blaszczak. Congratulations, Kathy! I will contact you for your snail mail address. 🙂

Created by Anna

Created by Anna

Today I also wanted to share a picture of the card that I got in the mail from my friend Anna. She used corck cardstock and Lawn Fawn stamp set. So cute!!! I love it very much. She is very-very talented girl. Maybe one day she will have a blog and this way everybody can get inspired by her.

Long Dog

Long Dog 2

And last but not least a picture of the new stuffed toy I made. This doggie is adorable. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Have a great day,



Blog Candy and more!!!

Hello to all my readers!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Before big holiday, Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to thank you all for inspiring me, for believing in me and for all your wonderful comments! Everything you are giving to me is much appreciated! And I would like to give you a little thank you back.

As I promised before I have a small give away. BLOG CANDY!!!

Blog Candy

Blog Candy

I included my favorite items in it:

1. Two Paper Packs of Designer Paper 6×6

2. One Pack of Stickers from Studio 112

3. One Pack of Vellum Quotes from Studio 112

4. Rubber Stamp Lion Baby from Stampendous

5. A Bag of Various Sequins

I don’t have any rules and obligations. Just leave a comment at the end of this post. I will pick a winner on Wednesday, November 20th.

You are welcome to spread the word about this blog candy. And I would really appreciate if you will like my Facebook page too (only if you would like to).

Thank you again for all you do, for your time, for your comments, for staying with me, and for visiting my crafting space.



P.S. Now to the sad part. I decided to close my Etsy shop at the end of this month. It didn’t turn out the right way for me. You need to be very creative and original to have a success in this direction. It is just something I don’t have. At least I tried. 🙂 Will keep working in developing my skills and maybe one day I will reach a great result. 🙂

Good Luck with blog candy Everybody. And don’t forget about my Stamp Sale stash. Who knows, you may find something in there.

Candy is now closed. Thank you to all who entered this give away. I will post a winner soon.



Dance Like Nobody Watching You…

That is how I am dancing when nobody is at home. Yes, I love to dance so much! I am not a good dancer at all, I just like doing it. When I dance I imagine myself in a beautiful long dress and am very-very light! When I was a little girl I actually liked to perform. Believe or not I had a little audience, the best one probably. My grandmother and her friends. I remember myself singing and dancing in front of them over the summer. And the best reward for an artist was the applause and flowers. I had it all! 🙂

When I became older I liked to organize little scenes and mini-holidays with my friends from the same playground. One day my friend and I even made a little movie about all kids from the playground. 🙂

I started this memory conversation because yesterday my husband and I went to the Palace Theater in Columbus. He heard about good deal on the tickets on Thursday for the performance on Friday. I thought it was a good idea since I wasn’t in the theater for a hundred years at least.

The theater was beautiful!!! And the performance was amazing! It was called Tango Fire – a dance of love. The was a quartet of musicians and 10 dancers from Argentina. Wow! The dancing technique was incredible! We were both impressed!

I thought I would share some pictures with you.



Picture Panorama

Panorama Picture

Theater Stage

Theater Stage

Me Too

That is me 🙂

Sorry for my outfit, doesn’t look like I was going to the theater. I really didn’t know how to dress up for this event, I have never been in the American theater.

That is all for today. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me comments. 🙂 They mean a lot to me.


Elena (making a fancy dancing pa)

Приветик всем!

Дорогие мои, вы не представляете как я люблю танцевать (когда дома никого нет). Представляю себя этакой легкой, воздушной танцовщицей в лекгом струящемся платье… Честно говоря, будучи совсем маленькой девочкой, я очень любила петь и танцевать. У меня даже была своя аудиенция. Моя бабулечка и ее подружки. Представьте – лавочка, летний вечер и Лена поет песню “Миллион алых роз” и все это сопровождается танцами на цыпочках (типо балерина). Лучшей наградой для меня были апплодисменты и цветы.

Когда подросла, то мне нравилось заниматься организацией праздников. Во дворе даже как-то устроили вечер со сценками и придумали небольшой фильм о жизне двора. Да, были времена.

Не зря я завела разговор о танцах… Вчера мы с мужем ходили в театр. Визит получился спонтанным. В театре здесь ни разу не была. Потому была в восторге попав в удивительный мир красоты. Огромные люстры, скульптуры, лепнина на потолке, шикарные картины-панорамы, сцена, прожектора и занавес… Ко всему этому добавьте живую музыку, квартет (рояль, контрабас, скрипка и что-то похожее на гармошку). Ну, и конечно сами актеры-танцоры из Аргентины. Представление называлось “Огонь Танго”. На сцене перед нами пронеслась истроия этого танца любви… Слов нет, чтобы описть восторг и всплеск эмоций от увиденного мастерства, страсти и просто ослепительной красоты танцоров! Нам очень понравилось! Я как-будто очутилась в другом мире.

Вот несколько фотографий. Только вы сильно меня не ругайте, что я в таком простом наряде. Честно не знала, что за театр, что туда одевать. Поэтому так простенько – свиторочек и джинсики.

Вот и все на сегодня. Спасибо большое, что приходите ко мне в гости. Всегда рада вашим комментариям.

Обнимаю всех,

Лена (пытающаяся изобразить балерину) 🙂 


Very big for me and for all my family!

On the Porch

I just opened an Etsy shop SIBIRIACHKA. I wanted to call it TheRedHairedGirl at first, but this name was already taken. So I went with Sibiriachka, since I was already registed under this name at Etsy. And I am from Siberia anyway. 🙂

The store is small and I still need to work on some description and adding new assortment. It is a lot of behind the scene work. My husband helped me a lot with editing the text and wording. My English is not very good (grammar especially), “ya ploho govorit po angliyski”. 🙂

I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I would appreciate if you spread the word about my little store.

And of course I will be happy to see you all visiting it!

Thank you so much to all who read my blog, leaving me comments, to all my friends (virtual too) and my wonderful family. It took me awhile to make this big decision about the store opening. Well, it is alive!


Hugs to all of you from very nervous girl, the owner of the Etsy shop SIBIRIACHKA. 🙂


I made him! Hooray!

Yes, I finished this toy that I started about 4 months ago. And I am glad I did. He turned out so cute!


You may not familiar with this Lamb. His name is Cotton. I heard about him from Ami’s blog. Ami liked this character from “Oblivion Island” movie so much and she created a crochet toy that will remind her of the main character from this touching story. Ami also shared a tutorial and instructions on how to make this cutie on her blog. Thank you so much, Ami!!!

Cotton is living in my room right now. He is looking forward to new adventures and new stories. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by everybody!

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend,



Да, да, я закончила вязать эту игрушку, которую начала где-то месяца 4 назад. По-моему этот барашек очень даже миленький.

Зовут барашка Коттон. Это герой мультфильма “Oblivion Island”. Я прочитала о нем на блоге у Ami. Ami этот герой мультфильма очень понравился и она связала такую вот игрушку. И поделилась со своими читателями мастер-классом по созданию этого барашка. Спасибо огромное Ami!

Коттон живет теперь в моей комнате и с нетерпением ждет новых приключений и встречи с новыми друзьями.

Спасибо всем кто ко мне заглянул сегодня!