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Baseball Pouch

Baseball Pouch

Hello Everyone!

Several days ago I finished a sewing project. This pouch is part of it. I used small pieces of fabric that were left. All pieces were sewn together and then quilted on sew-on fleece.

I am still learning how to take a good picture. Sorry for not excellent quality. Pattern for the pouch is from michellepatterns.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Best wishes,


Baseball Pouch 2

Всем привет!

Несколько дней назад сшился вот такой вот кошелечек-сумочка на съемной ручке (выкройка приобретена здесь – michellepatterns).

От большой сумки оставались кусочки ткани, и я решила их использовать. Собрав кусочки, продублировала их нашивным флизелином. Что-то типо техники петчворк, но в очень простом исполнении.

По-моему, в жизни этот кошелечек выглядит намного симпатичнее, чем на моем фото. Я все еще учусь делать хорошие фотографии. Извините за нелучшее качество.

Спасибо, что приходите в гости и особо ценю все ваши комментарии.

Всем всех благ,


Baseball Pouch 3

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A bag with a friend in mind…


Today I am showing you a bag/tote that I made with a dear friend of mine in mind. I saw this fabric at Jo-Ann store and already knew what I will create.

I was especially inspired after visiting this beautiful blog – Уголочек моего творчества .

I like how it turned out. I think it looks much better in real life. Maybe I am just a bad photographer.

Tote for BF_3 copy

Tote for BF_2 copy

Thank you so much for stopping by! I love reading your comments. 🙂





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Craft Videos

Hello to my blogging Friends!

How are you all doing? Hope everybody has a nice weather and enjoys a beautiful season of summer!

Over the past two day I have been busy recording a video where I showed some of my sewing projects.

I will need to work on my voice and speak a bit louder next time. No wonder my husband can’t hear me all the time and always ask me to repeat something to him. 🙂

If you like it, I will start working on new videos. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me.

Wishing all an amazing day,


Всем привет!

Как у вас дела мои дорогие? Надеюсь, что все у всех хорошо и вы наслаждаетесь летней погодой!

В последние два дня я увлеклась видеозаписью. В общем решила попробовать записать парочку видео и рассказать/показать свои рукоделки.

В следующий раз постараюсь говорить погромче. Слишком уж тихо  шептала в камеру. 🙂

Если вам видео понравится, то с удовольствием сочиню еще парочку короткометражных фильмов.

Спасибо большое за внимание и за то, что зашли в гости.

Всем волшебного дня,




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A Birthday Gift


My son asked me if I can make a birthday gift for his friend at school. It was a big honor for me to make this.

I started wit the crochet cat. Design and pattern from Lilleliis.

Ami Kitty

Then I made a card using The Greeting Farm stamp set. I also followed sketch fro Sweet Sunday sketch.

For You Birthday

And to finish off, I sewed this cute pouch. Pattern from a spoonfullofsugar Etsy shop. I added a handle to it, so you can use as a little bag.

Pouch Kitten

I will be very happy if my son’s friend likes it. 🙂 I will know after he comes from school.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. And thank you for your kind words.



Lots of Sewing

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Do you have any plans for Easter? I probably will color eggs tomorrow. We already bought an Easter Bread in Russian store. No baking for me. Well, I am not a good baker anyway.

I have been experimenting with fabrics and sewing machine lately. I made couple of pouches, oven mitts and some Japanese soft dolls (pattern from the magazine, design Melly and Me).

If any of you interested to make a pouch like this, just write me an e-mail and we can work together. 🙂 I will be happy to do something for you.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and leaving me some love!



Japaneese Dolls Style Craft 2

Kitchen Theme Pouch

Oven Mitts

Всем привет!

Какие у вас планы на воскресный праздник Пасху? Я думаю, что яички покрашу завтра утром, а кулич мы купили в русском магазине. С меня стряпуха еще та. 🙂

В последнее время вдарилась в шитье. Косметички, прихватки, в общем всякие безполезные полезности. 🙂

Спасибо дорогие мои, что заходите в гости. Всегда вам рада!

Обнимаю всех,



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Memories brought by holidays…

Holiday Bag 3Hello!

Before I show you today’s project I wanted to thank you all who stopped at my blog during the Lawnscaping blog hop. Huge thank you to all for the nice compliments about stuffed toy Yeti that I made. I didn’t even know that he would be so likeable.

If some of you would like to have the same one I would be happy to make one for you. Just send me a message and we will discuss all the details. 🙂  I also thinking of working on the pattern and sharing it with you if anybody interested of course. It would be drawn by hand since I am stupid about computer graphics.  Just let me know if you would like one.

Holiday Bag


Holiday Bag 2

…today’s project brought to you by the memories from my childhood. When I was kid I was so excited about the coming Holidays. In Russia New Year has the same meaning as Christmas here in the USA. Pretty much every child would find under the tree a bag full of treats which are chocolate candy, nuts and clementine. New Year always associated with the smell of clementine for me. During the Soviet time it was hard for our parents to buy all of these yumminess. That is why it was a real treat for us as kids to receive this bag or box full of candy, nuts and fruit.

Holiday Bag 4

I made this bag out of cotton fabric and cross stitched design from UK CrossStitcher magazine. It turned out cute I think. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Wishing all a day full of wonderful memories and holiday treats,


Holiday Bag 5

Здравствуйте дорогие мои гости!

Вот такой вот новогодний мешочек придумался и сшился… А еще он навеял на меня детские воспоминания о Новом Годе. Помните мешочки или коробочки,н аполненные конфетами шоколадными, орешками и мандаринами, которые мы находили под елочкой, на утренниках или Дед Мороз их приносил к нам домой.  В общем чарующий запах мандарин, наверное, надолго останется у меня в памяти…

Спасибо, что заходите в гости и за ваши добрые слова.

Всем желаю приятных воспоминаний, навеянных волшебным праздником Новый Год,


Trick-or-Treat? Do you like sweet?

I do like sweet! I don’t need it, but it is one of my guilty pleasures. 🙂 Do you like sweet treats? What is your favorite? Mine is Hershey Kisses, any milk chocolate (with nuts) and hard candies (long lasting).

Today I would like to share with you a Halloween gift set I created.

Dog in the Pumpkin 3


Dog in the Pumpkin


Dog in the Pumpkin 2

Who likes candy? 🙂

It is a card with my favorite stamp from Lawn Fawn company and a cute treat bag. This bag looks like a small bowl when you open it and put on a table.

Hope that you like this idea.

I also wanted to let you know that I am not on Facebook anymore. I switched to Facebook page. If you would like to stay in touch you are more than welcome to like my page. There is a button on the right.

… If some of you wonder how is my Etsy shop doing. It is very quiet. I only had one sale so far from my friend. Really appreciate her support. 🙂 Will see how it goes, maybe it wasn’t a very brilliant idea (maybe I am not that good at anything I do). Don’t mean to complain, just feel a bit upset about it.

Thank you for stopping and leaving your comments.

Wishing you all wonderful day,


А вы любите сладкое? Да, я не равнодушна к сладостям. Стыдно признаться… Обожаю шоколад, больше всего молочный (можно с орехами). И конфетки карамельки, леденцы.

Вот такой подарочек получился у меня к предстоящему Хеллуину. Открытка и мешочек для конфеток. Мешочек очень похож на маленькую мисочку, когда его раскроешь. Мне нравится. Надеюсь, что вам тоже.

Друзья мои, хотела сообщить, что я сменила свой профиль на Фейсбук на страницу. Если есть желание, то приглашаю вас в гости. Чтобы отметится на страничке, у меня есть справа на блоге ссылка – нажимайте. 😉

Если кто интересуется как поживает мой магазинчик. Никак. Там тишина. Была одня продажа, подруга по блогу меня поддержала. Спасибо ей большое. Видать идея с магазином не такая уж и отличная ( а может руки просто не стого места выросли и голова тоже). 🙂 Конечно, я не жалуюсь, просто немного расстроена.

Спасибо, что не забываете. Все хороших выходных,




Very long post and a card (that doesn’t look like me)…

Hello my friends,

Today I have a very long post with lots of pictures. Sorry about this. But shortly you will understand why I have so many pictures.

I prepared a little package for my husband’s daughter who lives in Canada. I met her last summer. She is such a sweetheart. Being away from family I know how it feels. So, I thought that a little surprise in the mail box will bring a smile to her pretty face. I also hope that Robin (my husband’s daughter name) wouldn’t mind that all the items in the package are handmade.

Let’s start with the card. I needed to put a little note inside the package. Just a note would be boring. How about a card? Sounds much better. I tried my best in creating this card (by the way if you happen to find my MOJO, please, send it back to me). It definitely doesn’t look like my style. But I really wanted to participate in the PS Sparks Challenge this week.


Paper Smooches logo sparks copy

As you can see the inspiration has some crayons and soft brown colors. Well, I decided to go with both. I stamped crayons (Smarty Pants set) on the Kraft cardstock using two colors of brown ink (all I had in my stash). Then a crazy idea came into my head – to create an effect like this bear (Chubby Chum Pals) and a crayon were colored by a kid. So, I took the reverse side of the stamp, inked it up and stamped on the white cardstock. Then I used the right side for outline image. It kind of looks like that a kid made this part of the card. Then I thought of adding a piece of printed paper under the note . I took a book from my son’s room, made a copy of it and added it under the note panel. I don’t know if I am happy with the result. I think a my son could do a better job. Oh, well…

Just a note

Just a note for Robin

And now let’s take a look at the inside of the package. Long time ago I mentioned that I tried a new pattern for the bag that I found on Pinterest. I couldn’t figure it out. After so many hours and tries I did it. Crochet bag for Robin – perfect for a young lady during summer days.

Bag for Robin

Crochet Bag

The next one would be the cross-stitched T-shirt I made for her. I wanted to try how the “melting” canvas works. I saw it in the British CrossStitcher Magazine and happened to find it at Michaels or Jo-Ann (don’t remember). It’s made out of some kind of plastic (thin as plastic grocery bag). You attach it to the shirt (or any other garment) and cross stitch. Then you simply wash it in a hot water and canvas melts. Pretty cool! The design I used also from CrossStitcher Magazine.

T-shirt for Robin

T-shirt for Robin

Close up to T-shirt

Close up to T-shirt


The last project is a gift for a little kid that Robin is baby sitting. She calls him Energizer Bunny. Bunny it is – only made of yarn and no batteries inside.

Soft Bunny

Soft Bunny

That’s all… Thank you so much for reading (looking) through my LONG post. I appreciate it. And thank you BUNCHES for your comments! Love reading them!

Hugs and Smiles,



Handmade Crochet Bag

Today we finally got sun out, perfect weather for taking outside pictures. To my big surprise the picture turned out good. And this bag looks pretty too (I think). I have never crocheted bags before and thought of trying a pattern I really liked. Trough the Pinterest I found a link to the cool site with so many free crochet and knitting patterns – Drops Designs. I followed this pattern to create my bag.

I started a new bag now, but got stuck with the pattern. I can’t read pattern charts yet. Feel so dumb…

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your love! Soon I will show you couple of toys I created. 🙂

Hugs to all of you,


Cotton Bag

Bag created by the Drops Designs Pattern

Наконец-то у нас выглянуло солнышко, приотличная погода для фотографий на улице. К моему удивлению фотография получилась очень даже ничего, как впрочем и сумочка (непривычно себя хвалит, но делаю я это не часто). Ни разу в жизни не вязала сумочек крючком, вообще я новичок в этом виде рукоделия. Учусь по книжкам, блогам, сайтам. Недавно обнаружила описание вот этой сумочки через Pinterest (очень затягивающий ресурс). Через него вышла на сайт Drop Designs – там столько всего!!!

Сейчас пытаюсь воссоздать еще одно сумочное творение, но пока прогресс маленький. Там схема дана по вязанию, а я в этом (чтении схем по знакам) полная тупица! Все перепробовала, какая-то ерунда получается. Надежду не теряю, может все-же дойдет и до меня все-таки…

На следующей недельке покажу вам парочку игрушек, которые я тоже связала крючком. 🙂

Спасибочки, что не забываете!





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Halloween Bag

Halloween Bag

Halloween Bag

Happy Sunday to everybody! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! And I will make a quick post. As I was writing before I was working on another bag. I just finished it! Don’t you just love this fabric! I was thinking on making a card using the remnants. If you will look close up in front, you may notice a little button on the front pocket. I made this button using a shrink plastic and a stamp. I also tried to take a picture inside of the bag. It has 3 pockets inside.

Halloween Bag Inside

Halloween Bag Inside

Здравствуйте! Надеюсь, что ваши выходные приносят вам только радость и отличное настроение! Чтобы не загружать выходные – вот такое коротенькое сообщение. Недавно дошила вот такую сумочку. Мне очень понравилась ткань. Такие смешные ведьмочки! Возможно из остатков попробую сделать открытку. Если Вы присмотритесь поближе, то на кармашке можно увидеть пуговичку. Я ее сделала из «уменьшающего пластика». Сначала проштамповала рисунок, потом вырезала и в духовку на несколько минут. Пыталась сделать фотографию внутри сумки. Вот что получилось. Конечно не  видно, но внутри 3 кармашка.
До завтра! Может сумею попробовать что-нибудь новенькое в изготовлении открыток, результатами и впечатлениями обязательно поделюсь!

I will see you tomorrow! I may try something new again!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!



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