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Very long post and a card (that doesn’t look like me)…

Hello my friends,

Today I have a very long post with lots of pictures. Sorry about this. But shortly you will understand why I have so many pictures.

I prepared a little package for my husband’s daughter who lives in Canada. I met her last summer. She is such a sweetheart. Being away from family I know how it feels. So, I thought that a little surprise in the mail box will bring a smile to her pretty face. I also hope that Robin (my husband’s daughter name) wouldn’t mind that all the items in the package are handmade.

Let’s start with the card. I needed to put a little note inside the package. Just a note would be boring. How about a card? Sounds much better. I tried my best in creating this card (by the way if you happen to find my MOJO, please, send it back to me). It definitely doesn’t look like my style. But I really wanted to participate in the PS Sparks Challenge this week.


Paper Smooches logo sparks copy

As you can see the inspiration has some crayons and soft brown colors. Well, I decided to go with both. I stamped crayons (Smarty Pants set) on the Kraft cardstock using two colors of brown ink (all I had in my stash). Then a crazy idea came into my head – to create an effect like this bear (Chubby Chum Pals) and a crayon were colored by a kid. So, I took the reverse side of the stamp, inked it up and stamped on the white cardstock. Then I used the right side for outline image. It kind of looks like that a kid made this part of the card. Then I thought of adding a piece of printed paper under the note . I took a book from my son’s room, made a copy of it and added it under the note panel. I don’t know if I am happy with the result. I think a my son could do a better job. Oh, well…

Just a note

Just a note for Robin

And now let’s take a look at the inside of the package. Long time ago I mentioned that I tried a new pattern for the bag that I found on Pinterest. I couldn’t figure it out. After so many hours and tries I did it. Crochet bag for Robin – perfect for a young lady during summer days.

Bag for Robin

Crochet Bag

The next one would be the cross-stitched T-shirt I made for her. I wanted to try how the “melting” canvas works. I saw it in the British CrossStitcher Magazine and happened to find it at Michaels or Jo-Ann (don’t remember). It’s made out of some kind of plastic (thin as plastic grocery bag). You attach it to the shirt (or any other garment) and cross stitch. Then you simply wash it in a hot water and canvas melts. Pretty cool! The design I used also from CrossStitcher Magazine.

T-shirt for Robin

T-shirt for Robin

Close up to T-shirt

Close up to T-shirt


The last project is a gift for a little kid that Robin is baby sitting. She calls him Energizer Bunny. Bunny it is – only made of yarn and no batteries inside.

Soft Bunny

Soft Bunny

That’s all… Thank you so much for reading (looking) through my LONG post. I appreciate it. And thank you BUNCHES for your comments! Love reading them!

Hugs and Smiles,



Fashion Show Girls

Happy Saturday Everybody!

Today we will have a fashion show!!! And who will be a model? Of course Anya!!! Marie has a challenge at her blog Anya Fashion Show. I can’t participate in it, because I am in DT. But I decided to try this challenge myself just for fun. I imagined that I am a fashion designer and creating collection of clothes for Anya! And here is the report for you: 


I created cards with a fashion colors of the season for Anya. I wrote the name of the colors in French (tried to be fancy…). I really did have a good time playing this challenge! I think I would even wear these clothes if Anya’s clothes would fit me. To make these cards I used Dress Me and Wardrobe #1 stamps sets from The Greeting Farm. I colored the images with my favorite Prisma colored pencils and OMS. Roses were in my sewing stash and ribbons were a gift from my friend. Wooden shell I bought in local craft store.

It Is Me

I think I mentioned before that I usually make clothes for myself. Do you want me to show what I made? Here is my favorite! This suit cost me about 15 dollars with all of the fabric, buttons and lining. I bought the fabric on clearance; buttons were more expensive than the fabric. This is one of my favorite pictures. I took it about two years ago. Tried to be a model! Just joking! Since we live in a very small town now, I am not paying attention to my wardrobe anymore… Should I start doing it again? I mean making my own clothes? What do you think?  

Anyway, I hope you had fun watching the Anya Fashion show and hope that it brought a smile to your face. I like when people smile, I think it is like a sun touching you with its sunshine!

Thank you for stopping by and spending time with me! I also wanted to thank for your very encourging comments! You words give me inspiration and faith in myself! Thank You! I will see you soon! 


Anya and Elena- Fashion Girls (I am joking again!) 


Здравствуйте, дорогие мои читатели! 

Как здорово, что Вы у меня есть! Вы не представляете, как Вы мне дороги и сколько вдохновения Вы мне дарите! Спасибо Вам большое!

Сегодня я хочу подарить вам праздник – показ мод! Наверное, многие из вас любят листать журналы, смотреть телевизор или просто болтать с подружкой о том, что модно и не модно! Ну, или в детстве мы все любили крутиться перед зеркалом! Я решила устроить показ мод с моей маленькой помошницей Аней! Дело в том, что Marie на своем сайте проводит конкурс под названием Anya Fashion Show. Но так как я вхожу в состав дизайнерской команды, то мне нельзя принимать участие в этом конкурсе. Поэтому я решила попробовать свои силы в этом конкурсе просто так.

Как я уже сказала, главная модель на показе – Аня. А помогали мне в создании коллекции “Лето’09” штапмики. Я думаю, что Аня справилась с ролью модели неплохо. А вот если бы я была такая же маленькая как и она, то пожалуй я бы выбрала себе костюм под названием “Круиз” – джинсики и тельняшка! 

Почему мне так захотелось почувствовать себя разработчиком одежды? Наверное потому, что года два назад я сама себе шила одежду. Вот выставляю на ваш суд одно из моих произведений. Да, на фотографии я пыталась изобразить этакую модель из журнала! Забавно! (Не пугайтесь только!) Но после того, как мы переехали в нашу деревеньку, моя любовь к шитью затихла… Как Вы думаете, стоит ли мне ее возродить? В общем-то шить одежду мне нравится – не так как у всех, да и для семейного бюджета очень даже хорошо. Этот костюм мне обошелся в 15 долларов. Просто ткань была очень дешевая.

Мне бы очень хотелась, чтобы этот показ мод принес Вам улыбку. Честно сказать, глядя на Анечку, у меня всегда невольно появляется улыбка!

Спасибо Вам большое, что заглянули ко мне! Всего Вам доброго!

Аня и Лена – Модницы (Шучу, конечно!)

Hello! And I am here again as I promised!

I would like to thank you everybody for nice comments and for visiting my blog!

Original Dress From Burda MagazineToday I wanted to show something that is not related to card making and paper craft. Besides this I also like to make clothes for my friends and myself. Why I am doing it. First of course because I like it, second because it’s unique and third I never had luck finding something in the store that I will really like and will fit me the right way. With fabric it is the same as with a paper. You see a fabric and you think what will fit to this print. So when I saw this black and white cotton print at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts I already knew what I will do with it. I don’t create my own patterns for my clothes. I am not that smart…

My Version of the DressWhen I lived in Russia I was buying Burda sewing magazine. It has lots of patterns inside with a range of sizes. For this dress I used a pattern from the issue of August 2004. I made some changes, added some decorative elements (white piping). When the dress was ready I could decide what kind of a belt will go with it.  One day we went to the mall and stopped at the Wilson’s Leather store. They had a sale going on. I saw a wide white leather belt (it was on sale!) and remembered my dress. I thought that they would match perfectly!

Here are the pictures with what I saw at the magazine and my version of it.

Next to the Fountain in OmskDon’t be too much scary of me! On the picture to the left you can see my son and me from the last trip to Russia. We are sitting next to the fountain near the Transport Academy in Omsk, city where I was born and lived until December 2004. On the other picture is me again next to the beer restaurant. No, I don’t like beer, I just liked this silly guy and he didn’t mind that I stayed next to him for a picture.

I also wanted to add that if you are interested in this magazine you could subscribe to it. That’s what my husband did for me. I am very thankful for this! I had a hard time finding this magazine at the bookstore. In the magazine they have lots of patterns not only for women, but for kids and men also. They also have some interesting crafts. Each pattern has different sizes and they have step-by-step instructions on how to make it. So when people ask me:” Did you make it?”  I tell them that yes, I did. And you can make it too. Just try it! That’s how I started. One day my friend came to my house in new clothes. I asked where did she buy it? She said that she made it. And she added:” You can do it too!”  And I did!

I hope you found something interesting for you today!
Happy sewing!

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