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Heartfelt Thank You!

Good Morning!

More than a week ago I got an award from My Friend Jana. I was so touched by this! Thank you Jana so much! As you know I love Jana’s artwork! Always find something new and creative from her blogging world! 



And now I would like to share my love with you who visit me! It is a difficult task because I need to pass it to 6 people. Not 60… 



Maria M.




Heartfelt Thanks

Heartfelt Thanks

Today I also have a special card for all of you! I would like to thank you all for your kind comments, for visiting me and just because I love you all!!! 

Who is helping me to tell you thank you – My Little Bunny! Can you tell that I love him so much! This time I decided to combine my two passions: cross stitching and stamping.  I stamped The Bunny from the Lucky Bunnies Stamp Set with dye-based ink from SU on embroidery canvas; cross-stitched him, and cut! To prevent the canvas from falling apart while it is being cut, I put a double sided interfacing on the back side of the cross-stitched motive. 

Visiting Iralamija blog inspired the layout of the card. When I first saw her blog, I couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful cards and all her crafts! She is amazing! I love the soft touch and the warmness that she put in all her projects.

Hope you all will have a wonderful day today filled with sunshine and smiles!

Thank you for sharing your time with me!



Здравствуйте дорогие мои друзья! Открытку, которую я показываю Вам сегодня, я дарю всем ВАМ – от всего сердца благодарю всех за теплые комментарии, за то что заходите ко мне в гости… я вас всех люблю!

Конечно, догадаться нетрудно, кто главный герой этой открытки! На этот раз я решила вышить зайчонка. Для этого я отшамповала его на ткани для вышивки. После того как зайчонок был вышит, я его вырезала по контуру. Чтобы канва не разошлась в местах среза, я ее продублировала клеевой тканью с изнаночной стороны вышивки.

Дизайн открытки был навеян под впечатлением от посещения блога Iralamija. Мне очень нравится ее творчество. Мне кажется, что работы Beatriz  наполнены какой-то  осбенной теплотой…

Вот и всё на сегодня! Желаю вам солнышка в вашем окошке и  побольше улыбок!

Спасибо за то, что ко мне заглянули!


Supplies: white cardstock from Michaels, DP from K&Company, DP from DCWV, Fiskars border punch, rubber stamp set Lucky Bunny, dye-based ink from SU, embrodery floss, embrodery canvas, CB die-cut, fleece, rub-ons from Jo-Ann, tacky glue, double sided interfacing, heart stickers

Sorry… No Stamping

Hello! Happy Wednesday to everybody! No stamping today… Sorry…

Just wanted to show you some cards that I made last year for Christmas. Nothing special… Just cross-stitched.  

Thank you for looking! 

Hope you all have a nice day! 



Mouse With Gift

Mouse With A Gift







Christmas Fairy

Christmas Fairy

Little Duck
Little Duck




I’ve Been Stitching.

Happy AnniversaryTwo days in a row I was stitching this card. Sometimes when I don’t have the right stamp I find a way to create a scene for my card. Very often my decision will be – why not to stitch.

This time I needed to make a card for our friend’s wedding anniversary. They will celebrate three years of their marriage at the end of September.

I was looking at this cross-stitched motif for a long time at All of the designs here belong to very talented Vera Slobodinskaya. I really like all of her designs and always enjoy working with them. I always would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful site and for the opportunity to try your beautiful works in making cards.

After I finished cross-stitching the main design, I cut in a circle shape and mounted it on a piece of a cardstock. I also cut scalloped edge Nestabilities and then I adhered the cross-stitched motive on this shape. I cut the round shaped paper doilies in a strip and then pleated it. I added a narrow white ribbon, butterflies, hearts and flowers.

I hope my dear friends will like it!

Supplies: cross-stitched canvas, DMC embroidery floss, cardstock, circle Nestabilities, white satin ribbon, Designer paper from DCWV, punches, wide cotton ribbon (I made corners from it).

Very Funny Story

Today I want to tell you a very funny story that happened with me about 3 weeks ago. That morning I was dying my hair. Yes, I’m not naturally red haired girl, but inside I am! I die my hair with henna. My Mom sends it to me from Russia. It is an herb that also gives a good treatment for your hair. This herb is green by itself. I mixed it with warm water and then apply it on my hair. The consistency of this mixture is like a sour cream. Can you imagine me with a green sour cream on my hair? Does it sound funny? Of course I wrap a plastic and a towel around all of this herb treatment.

Hair SalonLet’s come back to that morning. I was not expecting anybody that day. My son was at summer school and my husband was at work. I was wondering around the house with a turban on my head and suddenly I heard the doorbell. The DHL delivery guy was waiting next to the door. I thought that he would just drop my mail next to the door, but no!!! he needed my signature. I was so embarrassed opening the door for him. I apologized hundreds of times because of my, funny for me, but probably scary for him looking head. He apologized too. I could say looking in his eyes that he was very scared! I am sure he will never forget our address.

Following the topic of my post here is cross-stitched card for my friend in Russia. He is a very talented hairdresser. I hope I will have a chance to meet him this year and he will do something with my hair. Just to trim the ends and the bangs. I am stuck on long hair right now. My husband loves it a lot. And I am happy with this too!!!

So hope I gave you some good laughs!

Have a great day!


Cards for the Contest

(Husband Note: They made it to Russia just fine. Tired after the long trip but one of the first things she asked about was this blog! 🙂 )

Shoe CardToday I wanted to show some cross-stitched cards that I made for the contest on the Russian Craft Forum. I didn’t win anything… I was a little bit upset about this. But I love these cards anyway.

My favorite is the card with shoe Celebrate Spring. It was cross-stitched on a very small sized canvas. The background paper was stamped with a flower acrylic stamp.

Purse Card

The purse shaped card is also cute. I love the little shoes on the purse that I cross-stitched.

For Mom

On the card “For Mom” I made little charms from stickers. To make them not sticky I rubbed baby powder on the sticky side and the stickiness disappeared. I attached them with small jump-rings to the base of the main design of the card.

Singing Birds Mouse

Hope you found something interesting for you today!

Thank you for stopping by!



Trying Something New!

To My FriendYesterday I tried a new technique Stamping with Pearlescent watercolors from very talented Lauren Meader. Her card set is so delicate and elegant. Lauren wrote a very good tutorial. I really appreciate wonderful people like she is. She always has something new and always shares her creativity. Thank Lauren for your inspiration!

Okay, my cards are not as great as hers. But I tried. I didn’t have the watercolors that Lauren used. I used just plain watercolors, sprinkled a little bit of a glitter on top of them. Then I followed the directions from the tutorial. When I got to the part of using Nestabilities, I was a little bit upset. I don’t have them… I tried to do different things and I ended up with cutting a circle shape border with my Fiskars tool. In order to give some kind of an interest to the card I decided to stitch in the middle of the circle. First I wrote my words, then pierced holes following the shape of the letters and just backstitched them. I also added some French knots in the middle of each pink flower. Then I punched butterflies from handmade paper (my friend from Russia sent it to me) and sewed them with embroidery floss (the same as I use for word stitching).  My finishing touch was – embossing the corners with Fiskars embossing tool. I also attached a piece of a cardstock inside of the card to cover the stitching.

Thank You CardThis morning I made another card using the same technique. This time I printed on the computer the words “Thank You”, made holes and then transferred these templates to my card. Very simple, maybe not perfect…

Hope you found something interesting for you!
Thank you for looking!
Have a great day,

Supplies for those cards: white cardstock (bought in Michaels), watercolor paint, dollar stamps (from Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts), circle template and ShapeXpress cutting tool, ShapeBoss Embossing System from Fiskars, Butterfly  punch from Fiskars, embroidery floss.

Last Wednesday we went to City Hall for a special event Science Alliance.

Listening or TalkingA teacher who is also a scientist was telling about insects in a very special form. He was comparing them with people, their behavior, body structure and their way of living. I really liked it and I think kids enjoyed it too. The decorations were great! You can see some on the pictures. The most fun part was to try special glasses where you can see like different insects. My son also liked trying to become a grasshopper’s lunch.

This event was part of a library program called Reading Bug. I really appreciate the wonderful people at the library who are doing it for our kids. Especially Ms. Carolyn.

Bug Vision Being A Bugs Lunch

Butterfly CardTalking about insects, here are some cards I made. For the card with a butterfly I used a Heidi Grace Collection acrylic stamping set and for the butterfly image I used a stamp from Enchanted Fairies rubber-stamping set. I stamped them with golden pigment ink and then embossed with golden embossing powder. I also stamped some flowers separately and embossed them. Then I cut them, colored with markers, and attached to the main flower image with glue dots.

For the next card that I made for my Grandma I used a dragonfly sticker. The flower was made using a template from Paper Wishes designed by Susan Janes. I love those templates. They are easy and fun to use not only in card making but scrap booking also.

Flower Card Bee Happy!

A third card also was made for my Grandma. I cross-stitched a ladybug, punched some little flowers, added an embroidery thread for a stem and that’s it.

Thank you for looking at my blog!
Hope to see again,

Supplies I used for the cards: cardstock, designer paper, Fold-It Swirls template, stickers, flower punch, embossing powder, golden pigment ink, gift wrapping paper (for making a flower), embroidery floss, ribbon, stamps, Marvy Uchida Brush markers, rub-ons, glue dots.

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my wonderful news!

Ginger BellWe have a new family member! It’s a Girl! A little baby kitten girl! She is so cute! One lady gave her to us. She has two cats (girls) and they decided to have kittens at the same time. Can you imagine 12 little fur balls all in one house!!! Almost all of the kitties found a new home.

She has two left now. But I think our little girl is the Best. It was her first night without her mom and her sisters and brothers. Of course she was crying missing her family, but I am her mom now and I took her with me in the bed. She was so quiet all night and I felt a little warm soft baby next to me. I was not sleeping very well because I was afraid to wake her up. We haven’t chosen a name yet. We’re still thinking. Soon my son will come from school and they will play together. In the morning before school Sergei played with the kitten. And when it was time for school he told to his new furry sister: “ Bye Little Kitten. I’ll miss you. But I will be back soon. And I’ll play with you again…” He was so sad on way to school. I told him that she will be all right and she will miss him too.

Kitten CardWhile I was typing this post she fall asleep in the slipper of my husband. She fits right in it.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a great day!
See you tomorrow,

P.S. Speaking of kittens, I decided to add this picture of the card that I made for my friend’s birthday. Very simple, just cross-stitched and attached it in the card window. For the cross-stitch motive I used a scheme from the Riolis company.

Hello and welcome to my very first post and very first blog.

I am very exited to share with you my handmade creations. I like to make handmade gifts. I think that they are very precious and priceless, warm and heart full, unique and special. When I make something for my family, friends or people that I know I always remembering all of the moments and time I spend with them. So let me show you two cross-stitched cards that I made for my Mom’s and sister’s Birthdays.

French RoosterWhen I was choosing an image to cross-stitch for my mother I wanted to do something silly and funny. Then when she will open a card she will smile and remember time that I spent with her telling her funny stories. I found this French hen designed by very talented Margaret Sherry in the British magazine CrossStitcher issue 176. It was in a kit Twelve Days of Christmas. I cross-stitched this hen and attached it to a card with an iron–on double sided interfacing (HeatnBond, Iron-on Adhesive). It looks like paper from one side and shiny from the other side. Also I forgot to tell that I always use a piece of a cloth on a top of a cross-stitch motive while attaching to the card with an iron. I don’t want my image been over pressed.

I think that this French guy is very cute. I remember my mom was telling me that she learned French at school. That’s why I decided to pick this guy for the card. For the background I found an image of a café and just printed it on a card stock. The name of the cafe is my mom’s date of birth. I stamped Happy Birthday phrase with a dye-based ink. My mom really liked this card and I was very happy. Isn’t it amazing how a little card can bring a smile to your face and make you feel better?

Mouse CardFor my sister’s card I decided to choose an image of a mouse. I found the design on a site of a very talented Russian designer. Her name is Vera Slobodinskaya. I like her designs. She creates the cross-stitch designs and schemes. All her work is very unique and inspirational. I choose a mouse with a cell phone because my sister was born in a year of mouse according to Chinese horoscope and this year is a mouse year. And a cell phone because she worked at the little shop selling cell phones at that time. I was following the same directions with attaching the cross-stitched design to the card. I found a background paper on the Internet, printed it, cut a title from the vellum, found some stickers of flip-flops in my stash and assembled it to a card. My sister was surprised getting this card on her birthday. She told me that she always enjoys getting cards from me and always exited what will be in her next mail from me.

So I hope you liked this very first post! Thank you for looking and reading!

I will see you soon with my new stories!