Hello and welcome to my very first post and very first blog.

I am very exited to share with you my handmade creations. I like to make handmade gifts. I think that they are very precious and priceless, warm and heart full, unique and special. When I make something for my family, friends or people that I know I always remembering all of the moments and time I spend with them. So let me show you two cross-stitched cards that I made for my Mom’s and sister’s Birthdays.

French RoosterWhen I was choosing an image to cross-stitch for my mother I wanted to do something silly and funny. Then when she will open a card she will smile and remember time that I spent with her telling her funny stories. I found this French hen designed by very talented Margaret Sherry in the British magazine CrossStitcher issue 176. It was in a kit Twelve Days of Christmas. I cross-stitched this hen and attached it to a card with an iron–on double sided interfacing (HeatnBond, Iron-on Adhesive). It looks like paper from one side and shiny from the other side. Also I forgot to tell that I always use a piece of a cloth on a top of a cross-stitch motive while attaching to the card with an iron. I don’t want my image been over pressed.

I think that this French guy is very cute. I remember my mom was telling me that she learned French at school. That’s why I decided to pick this guy for the card. For the background I found an image of a café and just printed it on a card stock. The name of the cafe is my mom’s date of birth. I stamped Happy Birthday phrase with a dye-based ink. My mom really liked this card and I was very happy. Isn’t it amazing how a little card can bring a smile to your face and make you feel better?

Mouse CardFor my sister’s card I decided to choose an image of a mouse. I found the design on a site of a very talented Russian designer. Her name is Vera Slobodinskaya. I like her designs. She creates the cross-stitch designs and schemes. All her work is very unique and inspirational. I choose a mouse with a cell phone because my sister was born in a year of mouse according to Chinese horoscope and this year is a mouse year. And a cell phone because she worked at the little shop selling cell phones at that time. I was following the same directions with attaching the cross-stitched design to the card. I found a background paper on the Internet, printed it, cut a title from the vellum, found some stickers of flip-flops in my stash and assembled it to a card. My sister was surprised getting this card on her birthday. She told me that she always enjoys getting cards from me and always exited what will be in her next mail from me.

So I hope you liked this very first post! Thank you for looking and reading!

I will see you soon with my new stories!



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3 Responses
  1. Sue Kment says:

    Oh my gosh…your stitched cards are amazing! I so love them all!

  2. Catarina says:

    Hi, I really like your cards, specially the one with the 3 french hens. I have been trying to find this cross stitch grafic. Can you tell me where I can find or buy it? Thank you and congratulations on your lovely work.

  3. admin says:

    Hello Catarina. Thank you for leaving me a nice comment.
    This pattern can be found in Cross Stitcher Magazine issue 166-167 (if I remember correct). It is designed by Margaret Sherry and called 12 Day Of Christmas. I don’t have an original pattern. More than a year ago my friend send me a copy of this stitch grafic with a hen.

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