Very Funny Story

Today I want to tell you a very funny story that happened with me about 3 weeks ago. That morning I was dying my hair. Yes, I’m not naturally red haired girl, but inside I am! I die my hair with henna. My Mom sends it to me from Russia. It is an herb that also gives a good treatment for your hair. This herb is green by itself. I mixed it with warm water and then apply it on my hair. The consistency of this mixture is like a sour cream. Can you imagine me with a green sour cream on my hair? Does it sound funny? Of course I wrap a plastic and a towel around all of this herb treatment.

Hair SalonLet’s come back to that morning. I was not expecting anybody that day. My son was at summer school and my husband was at work. I was wondering around the house with a turban on my head and suddenly I heard the doorbell. The DHL delivery guy was waiting next to the door. I thought that he would just drop my mail next to the door, but no!!! he needed my signature. I was so embarrassed opening the door for him. I apologized hundreds of times because of my, funny for me, but probably scary for him looking head. He apologized too. I could say looking in his eyes that he was very scared! I am sure he will never forget our address.

Following the topic of my post here is cross-stitched card for my friend in Russia. He is a very talented hairdresser. I hope I will have a chance to meet him this year and he will do something with my hair. Just to trim the ends and the bangs. I am stuck on long hair right now. My husband loves it a lot. And I am happy with this too!!!

So hope I gave you some good laughs!

Have a great day!


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  1. Kerry D-C says:

    Your story is so funny! What a great job cross stitching you did! I have always wanted to try that.

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