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FFF Challenge

FFF Challenge

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Today I have two cards to show. The first one is for the Farm Fresh Friday Challenge at The Greeting Farm – this week it is called 3 stamps. You need to create a card using at least 3 TGF stamps. It could be from different sets or the same set. Marie will have a challenge each Friday now, and I am looking forward for them. As you can see I used three different sets (Pretty Hat, Dress Me, Wardrobe #2 – Summer). The DP (gift from my friend) “whispered to me” what kind of dress to choose for Anya. Then I decided to ink up her purse… and why not to put a little puppy inside. One, two, three stamp sets and card was ready. Would you like to participate in this challenge also, please stop at The Greeting Farm blog for more details and join us this week!

3Clovers Thursday Challenge

3Clovers Thursday Challenge


My next card is very special to me. Can you see that it is one layer card! Hooray, victory, I made it! I would like to thank you Ida and Kerry who encouraged me and believed in me. And of course, thank to all of you my dear readers and visitors. Making this card I understood – never gave up, continue try until you would achieve what you wanted. One more word was like a magic for me too – practice. It worked! Of course not only magic, but beautiful stamps sets from Artful INKables (Into the Moonlight, Fictionally Inspired) made feel much better about myself. And now I can play No Layer Challenge too!

Today we will spend all day at the Baseball field, Sergei has a tournamet. Yesterday his team won with the score 21:5. Pretty good! Hope they will be lucky today too!

Thank you for stopping by today and spending some time with me! You know how much I appreciate all you words! and one more thing – You are the Best!


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23 Responses
  1. Rita says:

    Congrats to Sergei & his team mates…well done!!!

    Elena both of your cards are stunning! I luv how you stamped a frame around your one layer card, it looks AWESOME!!! Well done girl!

  2. Oh your cards are so delightful!!!!!!

  3. Sue Kment says:

    Elena! you did it and you did a GRAND job! Both cards are great..but your no layer card was a hit out of the ball park LOL! Good luck today!

  4. Wendy says:

    Great card and your single layer card is great
    Wendy x

  5. velta says:

    I am really seeing some beautiful cards here Elena…Love the Twi-set…I think our blog hop was a real success!!

  6. Jane says:

    love the one layer card, the border is beautifu;

  7. Gvendalen says:

    Леночка, мне очень нравятся эти открытки. Цвета подобраны идеально и изображения очень милые. Сергею желаем победы его команды.

  8. Andrea says:

    2 wonderful cards Elena, I love the cute images and colours of the first card. Have a great weekend

  9. Your first card is adorable and the paper inspired dress brings everything together beautifully! Love your one layer card! Fabulous border and the image is co cool! Great job!

  10. Kerry D-C says:

    Way to go to both you and Sergei!!! You’re both winners! I am so glad that you participated….your no layer card is gorgeous! But so was the one you put in the trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! And of corse I love your Anya card too! Super sweet!

  11. Anna says:

    Nice cards, Elena 🙂 Love the pastels on the first creation and the bold colors on the 2nd one…

  12. Kerry says:

    2 Amazing cards!!! I love Anya’s summer dress, it’ll totally make Stacey and Clinton (from What not to wear) very proud. 😀 And I love the border with the no layer card.

  13. jami says:

    Two fantastic creations!! Amazing how much detail you have in the the one-layer card!! Love how you did the border!! Best of luck to Sergei!!!

  14. Елена! Обе открытки очень милы! Такие разные и такие нежные! Сергею от меня привет!

  15. Maria Matter says:

    Way to go Sergei! Can’t wait to hear the results!

    Both cards are beautiful Elena!
    TGF card is 1,2,3 steps to being so adorable, love the puppy in the purse!
    And your one layer card ROCKS! It’s gorgeous, I’m so happy for what you were able to accomplish! You’re a very talented and creative lady, blessed with a wonderful family! Your life looks like a good one, enjoy it!
    Many blessings, Maria

  16. janaina says:

    Great cards, oh the no layer card looks awesome, of course you can do this !
    and well done

  17. Hi Elena! These are fantastic!! I SUPER really love the one layer Twilight card -AWESOME! Great job on the one layer -I say you go for it again!! LOL! Hugs,

  18. Shirley says:

    Oh my Elen, the flower is just so elegant with those colors and next to that strawberry!!!! Your Anja is just so pretty!

  19. Risa says:

    Your Anya card is gorgeous and I LOVE your single layer card, it is AWESOME!!!

  20. Ann says:

    Wow, these are wonderful cards, Elena! Your coloring is amazing!

  21. What beautiful cards! Single layers are sooo hard for me-prb my biggest challenge but you ROCKEd this!

  22. janaina says:

    Loved the card !
    your son is very cute

  23. Theresa says:

    These are gorgeous! Wonderful coloring and great job on the one layer card!

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