Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my wonderful news!

Ginger BellWe have a new family member! It’s a Girl! A little baby kitten girl! She is so cute! One lady gave her to us. She has two cats (girls) and they decided to have kittens at the same time. Can you imagine 12 little fur balls all in one house!!! Almost all of the kitties found a new home.

She has two left now. But I think our little girl is the Best. It was her first night without her mom and her sisters and brothers. Of course she was crying missing her family, but I am her mom now and I took her with me in the bed. She was so quiet all night and I felt a little warm soft baby next to me. I was not sleeping very well because I was afraid to wake her up. We haven’t chosen a name yet. We’re still thinking. Soon my son will come from school and they will play together. In the morning before school Sergei played with the kitten. And when it was time for school he told to his new furry sister: “ Bye Little Kitten. I’ll miss you. But I will be back soon. And I’ll play with you again…” He was so sad on way to school. I told him that she will be all right and she will miss him too.

Kitten CardWhile I was typing this post she fall asleep in the slipper of my husband. She fits right in it.

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P.S. Speaking of kittens, I decided to add this picture of the card that I made for my friend’s birthday. Very simple, just cross-stitched and attached it in the card window. For the cross-stitch motive I used a scheme from the Riolis company.

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