I am still alive…

Hello My Friends! Sorry for being so quite lately. Our Munchkin (Sergei) was not feeling very well, and of course I couldn’t be creative. Last week Sergei woke up with a pain in his stomach. Looks like it was one of his Pancreatitis episode. He wasn’t eating at all, just laying with a pillow on his belly. We were giving him lots of liquids; this helped him.Two days passed, he woke up with a very red eye. After visit to the doctor’s office our suggestions were proofed:”Pink Eye”. From one eye it went to another. Two days later, Sergei woke up in the middle of the night with a ear pain. He was crying, and nothing could help him. Went to the doctor again… Ear infection… that is what we need to add to the Pink Eye. But that is not all. Today he wasn’t sleeping again. He got some rough cough. Cough drops didn’t do anything, but I decided to give a try with an inhaler. After 30 minutes my baby was asleep. So all of this really worn Sergei, Ken and me out (plus I was working two Sundays in a row having only one day off during the week). Hopefully our sicky child will be back to normal.

Marci brings you Sunshine

Anyway, today I had some time in my craft room before work. I played with the brand new La-La Land Crafts digi-stamp. Did you hear that Irina (store owner and amazing crafter) just created her very own character. If not, please stop at her blog and look at this cuteness. Isn’t Marci is a real doll? She will be available in rubber in September, but if you can’t wait to play with her she is available in digi format in the store for a limited time only. Irina keeps surprising us and today she showed another sweetie Marci Ballerina! I am very happy that Irina’s dream came true, and she draws her own stamp design. I always believed in her and admired her talent.

I had a really good time coloring Marci, even though I am not as good at this yet. I stopped at Taylored Expressions blog and tried her sketch for this week. After I finished my card I asked my son what does he think about it? He told me that it turned out very cute. His opinion is so important to me, because he is the one who brings a sunshine to my life.

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to my life rumblings. I wish you all a wonderful day,


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  1. Sue Kment says:

    oh poor Sergei has really had a go of it this time around. That must be exhausting for you all! I hope he is on the mend!

    I love the new Marci stamps too! such a darling card Elena. I hope your crafting time helped you recharge your batteries! Take care!

  2. Kerri M. says:

    She is so adorable, Elena! I LOVE your coloring and the fab dp you used with her. I’m so sorry to hear about Sergei. Poor little man:( I hope he is back to normal soon! Sending lots of hugs and get well wishes:)

  3. Irina says:

    So sorry to hear about Sergei not feeling well, poor thing 🙁 I hope he gets better real soon!!

    LOVE your card with Marci!!! ADORABLE!!!!!

  4. Kerry says:

    OH my goodness, poor Sergei! 🙁 Hope he feels better soon.

    Super cute stamp and the card is stunning! Take care my friend.

  5. Kim Yu says:

    Oh my, Elena! This is so adorable!
    I hnope Sergei feels better soon! Not fun being sick!

  6. Eva says:

    Желаю скорейшего выздоровления Сергею.Открытка очень опитимистична.Удачи во всём.Не пропадай.

  7. Ohh she is the SWEETEST

  8. Sparkle says:

    I hope your son gets better soon! Your card is just darling!

  9. Maria Matter says:

    oh poor Sergei, I hope he is soon feeling much better! Sending hugs & prayers your way for all three of you!!!

    Wonderful card, love the sweet image and this BasicGrey papers!!!
    take care Elena
    hugs & blessings to you!

  10. Kukuruzka says:

    Леночка!!! Пришла с извинениями. что не поздравила тебя вовремя с днем рождения.. (я же правильно помню 5 августа….? сомневаюсь в себе каждый день)))), а тут… Понимаю,что ты была занята не сильно приятными хлопотами(((
    Тем не менее Сереженька сильный мальчик, пошел на поправку и я искренне поддерживаю его в этом начинании 😉
    Открытка очаровательна! Молодчина, что находишь время в жизненной суете для красоты!
    Обнимаю тебя! Мысленно с тобой, Ирина

  11. Ida says:

    Marci is so cute! Your coloring is wonderful and this is just a really charming card.

    Sending Get Well Hugs to Sergei

  12. Beautiful coloring, Elena. Your card is adorable. So sorry that Sergei has not been feeling well. Hope he is on the mend. {{Hugs}}

  13. I wish we lived closer, sweetie. Poor Sergei and poor Mommy! It’s so hard to see your little one in pain 🙁 I am hoping he is much much better and sending up prayers! Your card is GORGEOUS! you definitely haven’t lost your mojo-I LOVE THIS and your coloring is awesome!

  14. Allison says:

    Ugh…poor Sergei. I had similar issues with T for a while until we got tubes in his ears (ex. no pink eye!). Love your card…esp. with all that Origins paper!

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