Learning From My Own Mistakes

Hello! Happy Saturday! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Today I tried to do a card for Taylored Expressions Cupcake Challenge. Had so many ideas in my head but the result is so poor and I am not satisfied with my cards. They are terrible! I tried to jump over my head I guess. I didn’t want to post them, but then decide to. We are all learning from our own mistakes sometimes. So here are my 2 big mistakes of the day. 

First Card

First Card

The first card was made using Fiskars acrylics clear stamps. My idea on this card was to use a spotlighting technique here. But it didn’t work.

Second Card

Second Card

The second card was made using Fold-It Swirls Template from Hot Off the Press. This card is supposed to be a classic Christmas card, but I think my son could do a better job.

I will try to do another card. May be the third one would be better at least. 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Enjoy the weekend! 



Здравствуйте! Надеюсь, что Ваш день сегодня более удачный, чем мой! 

Пыталась сегодня сделать несколько открыток по скетчу от Taylored Expressions Cupcake Challenge, но ничего хорошего из этого не вышло. Открытки ужасные (простите!)…

Сначала не хотела их даже помещать на блоге, но потом решила почему бы и нет. И объясню почему. В голове было столько идей, видно я хотела перепрыгнуть свои возможности  и умения. И вот что из этого вышло. Но что же на ошибках учатся. 

Но я решила все же попытаться сделать 3-ю открытку, может на этот раз выйдет что-нибудь путевое! Как только сделаю, покажу!

Спасибо за  то, что заглянули!

Хорошего Вам дня! Удачи!


Supplies: cardstock from Michaels, colored paper from DCWV, DP from DCWV, craft ink, golden ink, Nestabilities, flower punch, template From Hot Off The Press, golden embossing powder, suede paper, acrylic Stamps from Fiskars, acrylic stamp from Inkadinkado, CB embossing folder, Nestabilities, gems from Michaels

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10 Responses
  1. Jeannie says:

    I like them but we all have those days don’t we?


  2. Elena says:

    Hello Jeannie! When I wrote this post I remembered you in the same situation. We do have those days… But hope not very often! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I think these are both beautiful!! I especially love the second one with the embossed background and the lovely layered flowers!!!
    hugs, Jami

  4. Вера says:

    Я тоже заглядывалась на этот скетч. Мне кажется, что у тебя получились вполне достойные работы. Я вот любуюсь ими!

  5. Miss 376 says:

    To everyone else these look great, but it is hard when we see something d in our minds and can’t reproduce it in reality. Hope it is third time lucky for you

  6. You are too hard on yourself! These are both awesome…warm colours great images. but don’t think you’re alone! I am the same way with my own work LOL!

  7. Shirley says:

    So Elena, they are not mistakes. Each one is a work of art. I think both are worthy of being a piece of art. I really like the flowers, but would like either one if I received it. You are too hard on yourself.

  8. malieta says:

    Oh Elena…..I think we all have been “there” and it is frustrating not being able to bring your vision “to life”! But you know what, I think both of your cards are great and I’m partial to the second Christmas themed card.
    Stop being so hard on yourself, you are very creative and your cards are very beautiful!

  9. Maria Matter says:

    Oh, Elena, I’m sorry you were having such a difficult time. But honestly, you are so talented and creative that what looks terrible to you…looks beautiful to me! The colors and papers you chose are lovely, especially the embossed one. I hope you will still use these lovely cards to bless someone!
    Though I do understand what you’re saying…Our head and hands don’t always communicate so well sometimes, do they?
    Blessings, Maria

  10. Elena I don’t think anyone is happy with everything that they create. I have a whole box of cards that I have never posted (and never will! lol). That said, you really are being WAY TOO HARD ON YOURSELF here!!! Both cards are lovely. I especially LOVE the one with the poinsettias. I think it is beautiful!

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