Very long post and a card (that doesn’t look like me)…

Hello my friends,

Today I have a very long post with lots of pictures. Sorry about this. But shortly you will understand why I have so many pictures.

I prepared a little package for my husband’s daughter who lives in Canada. I met her last summer. She is such a sweetheart. Being away from family I know how it feels. So, I thought that a little surprise in the mail box will bring a smile to her pretty face. I also hope that Robin (my husband’s daughter name) wouldn’t mind that all the items in the package are handmade.

Let’s start with the card. I needed to put a little note inside the package. Just a note would be boring. How about a card? Sounds much better. I tried my best in creating this card (by the way if you happen to find my MOJO, please, send it back to me). It definitely doesn’t look like my style. But I really wanted to participate in the PS Sparks Challenge this week.


Paper Smooches logo sparks copy

As you can see the inspiration has some crayons and soft brown colors. Well, I decided to go with both. I stamped crayons (Smarty Pants set) on the Kraft cardstock using two colors of brown ink (all I had in my stash). Then a crazy idea came into my head – to create an effect like this bear (Chubby Chum Pals) and a crayon were colored by a kid. So, I took the reverse side of the stamp, inked it up and stamped on the white cardstock. Then I used the right side for outline image. It kind of looks like that a kid made this part of the card. Then I thought of adding a piece of printed paper under the note . I took a book from my son’s room, made a copy of it and added it under the note panel. I don’t know if I am happy with the result. I think a my son could do a better job. Oh, well…

Just a note

Just a note for Robin

And now let’s take a look at the inside of the package. Long time ago I mentioned that I tried a new pattern for the bag that I found on Pinterest. I couldn’t figure it out. After so many hours and tries I did it. Crochet bag for Robin – perfect for a young lady during summer days.

Bag for Robin

Crochet Bag

The next one would be the cross-stitched T-shirt I made for her. I wanted to try how the “melting” canvas works. I saw it in the British CrossStitcher Magazine and happened to find it at Michaels or Jo-Ann (don’t remember). It’s made out of some kind of plastic (thin as plastic grocery bag). You attach it to the shirt (or any other garment) and cross stitch. Then you simply wash it in a hot water and canvas melts. Pretty cool! The design I used also from CrossStitcher Magazine.

T-shirt for Robin

T-shirt for Robin

Close up to T-shirt

Close up to T-shirt


The last project is a gift for a little kid that Robin is baby sitting. She calls him Energizer Bunny. Bunny it is – only made of yarn and no batteries inside.

Soft Bunny

Soft Bunny

That’s all… Thank you so much for reading (looking) through my LONG post. I appreciate it. And thank you BUNCHES for your comments! Love reading them!

Hugs and Smiles,



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8 Responses
  1. Helena says:

    Какой великолепный подарок! Такая милая открытка, вязаные вещицы очаровательны и вышивка очень красивая. Я думаю, Робин очень понравится этот подарок ))

  2. Kerry says:

    OMGosh Elena, you were super busy creating all these goodies!!! I love them ALL!!! 😀

  3. mel mccarthy says:

    Wowie zowie! I can’t even believe how creative you are on so many levels, Elena. Your card is ultra sweet. I love how it the two layer stamping (gotta try that look soon) …and that t-shirt, oh my! That “melting” canvas has to be the neatest thing I’ve heard of in ages. All that and you knit too. Energizer Bunny is adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness, Elena! What a fabulous post. You have created so many wonderful projects.. you are uber talented!!!

  5. Anna says:

    What a wonderful and super thoughtful collection of goodies 🙂 You are so sweet!!! I am sure she will squeal with delight once she sees the goodies. I would!!!

  6. Eva says:

    Леночка,покоряет твоё разносторонее увлечение.Думаю,что Робин понравится.Прошу прощения за редкие комменты,у меня серьёзная проблема

  7. Wow you did a wonderful job on all these lovely gift items. The card is cute, That purse is awesome, the shirt is so adorable and the bunny makes me smile, it’s just darling. I bet Robin loves everything. You are so thoughtful, sweet and talented.

  8. What a beautiful gift– love that bunny! I also love your card– what a great use of the crayons! I love the pop of red too!! You nailed this picture inspiration! THANKS so much for joining in the fun and playing along with our Picture Perfect challenge! I hope you join in the Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge this week– it’s a sketch:)

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