After The Craft Fair

Hello to all my wonderful readers!

So sorry that I couldn’t write any earlier than today. I wasn’t feeling good for couple of days. Looks like I got some kind of flue or cold. I am better now.

The Craft Fair is over. It was a good experience, I learned some new things about crafting community, met new people (very nice people) and sold some of my toys.

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As I said before I really appreciate support from my husband’s friends and all the people who stopped at my booth and liked my stuff. Of course I was very happy when people were purchasing some of my toys. I hope that they really liked what they found in my booth.

One very nice lady came the next day after the first day of the show and bought one more toy from me. I was very glad to see her again! 🙂

Big-big thank to my husband, he was very supportive! He stayed with me for the whole time both days and he helped me to greet customers. As you know me I am very shy person with new people especially when I need to speak English (I don’t like my accent so much!) Indeed not long time ago one lady at the post office was very rude to me about my accent (long story). I was so upset about it. My husband told me that I shouldn’t even be upset about this. This lady should of be upset for being so rude to strangers…

While I was preparing for the Craft Fair I wasn’t forgetting about my card passion. This card was made for the grandparents of one of the boys from my son’s baseball team. We would always seat next to each other and chat during the game. Very nice and kind people. Wish I had my grandparents by me…

The stamp set I used for this card is from There She Goes stamping company.

What else I wanted to write today? I updated my Etsy store, added lots of Halloween stuff in it. Everything Halloween has a free shipping for a limited time! 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me some love.



Привет дорогие мои!

Простите, что не написала раньше как и обещала. Немного приболела, но мне уже получше.

Вот и прошла моя ярмарка. Я многое узнала, приобрела опыт, познакомилась с новыми людьми (очень милыми из мира искусства). Продала несколько игрушек. Одна женщина даже вернулась на следующий день и купила еще одну игрушку у меня. Мне было очень приятно. 🙂 Надеюсь, что моим покупателям понравились мои игрушки.

Огромное спасибо друзьям моего мужа. Они меня очень поддержали. Да и сам муж оставался все это время со мной. Большое сердечное ему спасибо! Он встречал покупателей, поддерживал разговор. Я ведь очень-очень-очень стесняюсь своего акцента. Лишний раз рот не раскрываю.

Пока я готовилась к ярмарке я и открытки старалась делать. Вот эту сделала бабушке и дедушке одного мальчика из команды моего сына по бейсболу.Мы с ними вместе смотрели игры и болтали. Очень милые и добрые люди. Как бы мне хотелось, чтобы мои бабушка и дедушка были со мной… Скучаю по ним…

Вот, пожалуй, и все. Всем спасибо, кто “болел” за меня все это время.

Пока, постраюсь не теряться надолго,




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4 Responses
  1. Kim S says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time surrounded by nice people (including your husband!) I think you have to be the nicest person ever to make a card for the people you sit next to at baseball – I’m sure it meant a lot to them! And I wouldn’t worry at all about the post office lady – they are notoriously rude!!!

  2. Oh I am glad that your Craft Fair experience went well. I think it would be fun to do a craft fair sometime. – So happy that Ken was there to support you. – Your accent is wonderful and anyone who would make fun of you for it is just totally ignorant. Love your sweet card, that set is so cute. I have the same set just haven’t spent time using it lately.

  3. Eva says:

    Лена,поправляйся.Открытка милейшая.

  4. Sue Kment says:

    Love the pretty papers-a perfect fall match with this darling image! So glad you had a fun couple days at the craft fair. A great bonding experience with your sweetie too! My sweetie would die sitting there for 2 days LOL! He probably would not live through it LOL! Lucky girl!

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