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Yetti 2 Monkey

Are you ready for some fun project that I prepared for you? I absolutely love Lawn Fawn stamps! And of course I couldn’t leave behind this adorable Yeti, Set, Go stamp set. I like this Yeti so much that I decided to make one. Two pieces of fabric, a little bit of creativity and he was ready! Even my son liked this creature!

Yetti Monkey

Not only I used a stamp from Lawn Fawn. I also used their papers. Awesome! What can I say – Lawn Fawn is a rare find and I am glad that today I am part of the big group of crafters who created this fun and exciting blog hop. 🙂

For the layout of the card I followed Retro Sketch. Love these nested circles!

Are you ready to continue this hopping adventure? Your next stop is at Lisa’s blog. She is amazing!

There will be lots of prizes to give away. So, make sure you complete the hop and visit all our participants. You never know where the real treasure is hidden. 🙂 For the full information and complete list of sponsors and give away, please, stop at Lawnscaping home page.

Thank you so much for hopping with us and have a magical day,


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135 Responses
  1. Janet says:

    I really love the layout and the retro background. And that fabric yeti rocks!

  2. Kristie G. says:

    Your card is adorable but that stuffed yeti is even more adorable. WOW!

  3. Angela Spangela says:

    I love everything about this card. Super cute!

  4. Amy G. says:

    Such a cute card. I don’t even know what a yeti is!

  5. I love both your yeti creations…so cute and very creative!

  6. JanLee says:

    Darling, darling card!

  7. Judyt28 says:

    Cute little yeti!

  8. Kelly says:

    Love your choice do patterned paper and thank for the link to retro sketches.

  9. Joyce M. says:

    Fabulous card. I love how you used those circles around the Yeti.

  10. Kathy W says:

    That’s so cute! And a wonderful fabric interpretation of the yeti, too.

  11. Vanessa says:

    The card is adorable, I’ve been in love with the Yeti stamp since it came out. But SERIOUSLY?! The stuffy?! I want to squish it. LOL So frickin’ cute, I want one!!! haha

  12. Pam says:

    Yeti is one of my favorites! Super cute

  13. Cynthia Lira says:

    Good job on ur yeti!!!

  14. Your card is too cute!

  15. Amanda Christensen says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you created a stuffed Yeti!!! That is the cutest thing ever! Love it!

  16. Janetta Zeimetz says:

    Love your homemade Yeti!! What cuteness!!! I love your card too and the patterned paper behind him!

  17. Miriam Prantner says:

    No way! I am so impressed that you made a stuffed animal to match your card! How fun!

  18. Jenifer J says:

    The Yeti is too cute!! One of my all time favorite sets from Lawn Fawn. Your stuffed Yeti is even more ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing

  19. Allison P says:

    Wow! You card is so fun and that yeti is amazing! Great projects!!!

  20. Oh my your stuffed yeti is so cute I though that you bought it but then I read that you made it, incredible. Your card is also super cute.

  21. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Sweet card…your sewn Yeti is so cute too!

  22. Sharna W. says:

    I want your stuffed yeti so much! He looks ready to cuddle. I also especially adore your stitched circle on your card, its just that nice extra touch.

  23. Jeanie Johnson says:

    Fun card and adorable fabric yeti.

  24. Sonia White says:

    I love your yetti and card. Glad you are a redhead. My husband, son and niece are redheads and they are beautiful.

  25. Oh my gosh you rocked the stuffed animal. It so matches the card perfectly. You are amazing.

  26. Lynda says:

    fun card!

  27. Magmom3nsa says:

    Very nice card and really like the handmade Yeti!!

  28. Melfina says:

    Your card is lovely and the yeti you’ve made is adorable!!! Thank you for sharing them both!

  29. S. Molinari says:

    Both Yeti’s are adorable! What a clever idea…

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE both of your Yeti’s….so adorable 🙂

  31. Sabine says:

    This yeti is the sweetest thing ever! Love your card and the cute stuffed yeti 🙂

  32. Heidi H says:

    So fun! I can’t believe you made your own yeti!!!! You are so talented!!

  33. Phi says:

    I love this Yeti. So cute!!

  34. Lee says:

    Fabulous card and you are a talented lady – great softie!

  35. Fifi-T says:

    Wow, your cuddleable yeti is just too cute

  36. Cara Feeney says:

    You’re so talented.

  37. maria langston says:

    i love this adorable snowman he is sooooooooo cute congrats

  38. Nadege says:

    This yeti is a funny guy! Makes all cards fun!

  39. Amy F says:

    Cute card!! And that Yeti you made is awesome!!

  40. Lizzie T says:

    OMG I can’t believe you brought the Yeti to life in 3D form – AMAZING! It’s the cutest plush I’ve seen in a while! Nice job!

  41. Stephanie Klimm says:

    I love the yeti set go set but I think I love the stuffed yeti even more 🙂 !!!

  42. Anya Lynet says:

    Not only I like your card… I want the Yeti plush you made!!! Love it!

  43. Oh my gosh I LOVE your cute Yeti and that sweet little card, too. TFS.
    Crafty hugs,

  44. Bev says:

    Such a sweet Yeti card, and I love that you sewed one! Very cute. Glad we were on this hop together.

  45. Carla Hundley says:

    Such a cute and
    fun card. The Yeti
    is so cute.
    Carla from Utah

  46. Patricia says:

    Love Lawm Fawn and little Yeti
    Elena made the both so peppy

  47. Traci says:

    I am so impressed with the stuffed Yeti! Wonderful!

  48. Shaughn Woodruff says:

    Oh my gosh! Your card is so cute, I just love the Yeti! And your stuffed Yeti! ADORABLE!

  49. ionabunny says:

    Fantastic. Your fabric yeti is gorgeous

  50. Ashley G says:

    Love how this card is clean and simple, yet has great texture and detail at the same time! Cute!

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