Memories brought by holidays…

Holiday Bag 3Hello!

Before I show you today’s project I wanted to thank you all who stopped at my blog during the Lawnscaping blog hop. Huge thank you to all for the nice compliments about stuffed toy Yeti that I made. I didn’t even know that he would be so likeable.

If some of you would like to have the same one I would be happy to make one for you. Just send me a message and we will discuss all the details. 🙂  I also thinking of working on the pattern and sharing it with you if anybody interested of course. It would be drawn by hand since I am stupid about computer graphics.  Just let me know if you would like one.

Holiday Bag


Holiday Bag 2

…today’s project brought to you by the memories from my childhood. When I was kid I was so excited about the coming Holidays. In Russia New Year has the same meaning as Christmas here in the USA. Pretty much every child would find under the tree a bag full of treats which are chocolate candy, nuts and clementine. New Year always associated with the smell of clementine for me. During the Soviet time it was hard for our parents to buy all of these yumminess. That is why it was a real treat for us as kids to receive this bag or box full of candy, nuts and fruit.

Holiday Bag 4

I made this bag out of cotton fabric and cross stitched design from UK CrossStitcher magazine. It turned out cute I think. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comments.

Wishing all a day full of wonderful memories and holiday treats,


Holiday Bag 5

Здравствуйте дорогие мои гости!

Вот такой вот новогодний мешочек придумался и сшился… А еще он навеял на меня детские воспоминания о Новом Годе. Помните мешочки или коробочки,н аполненные конфетами шоколадными, орешками и мандаринами, которые мы находили под елочкой, на утренниках или Дед Мороз их приносил к нам домой.  В общем чарующий запах мандарин, наверное, надолго останется у меня в памяти…

Спасибо, что заходите в гости и за ваши добрые слова.

Всем желаю приятных воспоминаний, навеянных волшебным праздником Новый Год,


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2 Responses
  1. Eva says:

    Лена,ты просто волшебница:и шьёшь и вяжешь…Да,я в эти тёмные длинные декабрьские дни вспоминаю как с родителями делала пакеты для подарков из крафт-бумаги.А папа разрисовывал их

  2. mel mccarthy says:

    This is so gorgeous, Elena. You are so multi-talented! I’ve got to learn to cross stitch (and sew & knit & crochet…) 😀 I loved reading about New Year’s in Russia. I grew up in poverty, so I know what you mean about things feeling extra special when you could have them. And though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I think it adds something profound to the enjoyment of the little things in life to have known want at some time in our lives. Happy Holidays to you! May they be full of wonderful memories.

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