Don’t say anything if there is nothing nice to say…

Hello to everyone who stopped at my blog!

No card today, not even a crafty item.

I wanted to tell you a little story that happened to me yesterday, you may call me after that a drama queen. For me… it was a big deal.

You may know that I have Facebook Page. I used to have Facebook profile, but switched to page (they say it is better when you have started your business).

Yesterday I posted several pictures of one of the toys I made and one person left a very unpleasant comment. You see, I am not an American born, so sometimes I struggle with words and understanding the language. At first I didn’t pay close attention to it, then I realized the true meaning of it. I asked my husband if that what I think? He didn’t even try to explain to me, just said that I need to forget about it. Well, I couldn’t…

I know everybody has an opinion, but in some situations it is better not tell anything. Word has a power. You can either hurt another person with the word, or you can actually help in a good way.

I am a very sensitive and open person. My heart is always open for everyone, and hearing and seeing something like these towards what I do, I think is mean. I understand that I am doing not the prettiest of the crafts, that there are people that make much better, that I don’t do anything special. Well, yesterday I felt even worse. I wouldn’t go deep in my feelings…

Anyway, it was a good lesson for me, don’t be so naïve, it is wrong to be heart open to others.

Thank you for reading it. And sorry if you think that it is really nothing, that is what I felt yesterday and feel today.



P.S. I deleted everything from my FB page. If my pictures (and toys I make) were that bad, why to leave them there…



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  1. Helena says:

    Ленуся, не расстраивайся, милая. В любой соцсети можно получить неприятные комментарии к своим работам. Это не потому, что у тебя плохие работы, я видела их и они все очень добрые и теплые. Это потому, что находятся люди, которым в удовольствие написать гадостей в комментариях. Это было не только с тобой. Кен правильно говорит – забудь. Ты занимаешься творчеством потому, что это нравится тебе и чтобы порадовать своими работами других. Продолжай. Не бери в голову комментарий одного злопыхателя, я уверена, что если бы ты не удалила фото, что добрых комментов было бы гораздо больше. Не опускай руки и держи нос по ветру ) (кстати, модерацию комментов там можно включить?)
    Удачи тебе и бОльшей веры в себя.

  2. Лена says:

    Ленчик, спасибо большое за комментарий. 🙂
    Честно сказать, я даже не знаю можно ли регулировать комментарии на Фейсбук.
    Я уже немного успокоилась. Стараюсь держать нос по ветру! 🙂 Вот сейчас вяжу мишутку.
    Еще раз, спасибо большое за комментарий.

  3. Oh, Elena, I’m so very sorry that you had this bad experience. It is especially sad because you truly truly are very talented. Both your cards and darling toys are so creative and sweet. I could never make the adorable toys that you do. Sometimes there are just mean people who, I think, are really either insecure and trying to get attention any way that they can or are terribly jealous of someone else’s abilities.

    Hang in there. You are beautiful AND talented.

    Hugs, Susan

  4. Sue Kment says:

    Let me tell- DO NOT give people like that power over your life. My goodness…I know you are wonderfully talented, your friends and cyber friends know you are wonderfully talented, so please don’t give those unpleasant people the power. There really are people that enjoy going around leaving mean comments for entertainment. If you ever go to watch a video on You Tube…oh my the most famous of people have many ugly comments on their fantastic talents. You just need to give a BIG Hearty laugh at those stupid comments and feel sorry for them-and go on with your happy life! HUGS girl-keep the power on your side!

  5. Лена says:

    Thank you, Susan! I am feeling much better today. 🙂 Thank you so much for your understanding and kind words.

  6. Лена says:

    Thank you, Sue! I thought about famous people too. Well, maybe there is good side of this story. 🙂
    Thank you so much for your support. 🙂

  7. Gina says:

    Well, don’t let them get you, that’s not right! You are good at what you do! And there are all kinds of people, just ignore them! (((Hugs))) Gina

  8. Oh my gosh Elena I am so very sorry that you had that happen. Everyone is right, those people who do that have very “sad” lives if they have to try to tear others down like that. They were in the wrong and you should NEVER let them force you to feel inferior. Remember these famous words by Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
    Don’t give them that power over you. Post your cards, your toys and whatever else you want. There are plenty of people who think you are very talented and truly enjoy seeing your creations. If someone says something unkind, delete their comment and move on. I’ve been in your shoes too and I was born & raised in this country. People can be cruel but people can also be kind, loving & supportive. I want you to know that I support you 100%!

  9. Kerry says:

    Elena, don’t let that horrible experience effect you… some people are just horrible and miserable, they stink! You are amazing!! And you make beautiful cards and super cute stuff animals are so so cute! And I love them all, please keep them coming!!! Hugs! <3

  10. Лена says:

    Thank you so much, Ida. Sorry that you had the same experience…
    Thank you so MUCH for your support! 🙂

  11. Лена says:

    Kerry, I appreciate so much all your support. 🙂

  12. admin says:

    Thank you so much, Gina! 🙂

  13. I am so sorry that happened to you – there are just some mean or thoughtless people on the web – don’t feel bad! Your work is beautiful and you should always be proud of what you create – especially if creating it makes you feel happy!

  14. Eva says:

    Лена,не переживай,есть просто люди-нелюди.Не знаю зачем они приходят в этот мир,не живут,а гадят.Бог с ними.

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