It’s always wonderful to have a nice surprise!

Hello! Today I wanted to tell about a surprise that I got in the mail. About two months ago I was involved in something called a Post Card exchange. It took place on a Russian Forum for Crafters. We needed to send each other post cards with the place where we live. You could use pre-made cards from the store or make it yourself. I’ve already send cards that I made and got all cards from the girls. It was so much fun to open your mail box and find a warm hello from different cities and countries. I was not expecting any cards.

But on Monday I found in my mailbox a post card from Khabarovsk (which is near China and Japan). It was a card from one of our best crafters on the forum. She had already sent me one. That’s why I was so surprised. On the other side of the card there was a special stamp in honor of the anniversary of the city. The city celebrated their 150th birthday. And you can have this stamp only on this date at the post office. I was very touched just of thinking that Elena (the lady’s name) went to the post office, remembering me and sent me a card. She shared with this wonderful event. I am very thankful to her for this!!!

Here are some cards that I made for this exchange:

Post Card 1 Post Card 2 Post Card 3

Post Card 4 Post Card 5

Post Card 6 Post Card 7

All the pictures are from the place where I live. For the card with a window I used an idea from Irene Tan Aka’s wonderful blog. Her artwork is very inspirational and unique! She has lots of beautiful pictures of her creations and shows all of the details. Not only showing but also explaining step-by-step of how she made it. It’s amazing how many ideas and inspiration she has! I just love her blog! I don’t even know how to describe Irene’s art. I don’t have enough words. It’s gorgeous! Thank you Irene for sharing and inspiring us!

For my card I used her tutorial that she wrote. Of course my card is not as great as Irene’s. But I enjoyed reading her step-by-step instructions and learning new stuff for me.

I hope you found something for you!
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Supplies I used for the cards: cardstock, pictures, stickers, stamps, golden pigment ink, golden embossing powder, Designer paper, StazOn ink, some printed images found in the internet, embroidery floss, eyelet, slide, embellishments, small flower punch.

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