Baseball Tournament and more…

Hello My Friends! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday! We are going to baseball tournament; Sergei is going to have another game. This year they play with the professional small little league teams again from the big cities, which is kind of frustrating for all of us (kids and parents). We lost 2 games already… My husband tries to cheer me up by saying that it is a good experience for our kids to look at “how they should to play”, and plus it helps raise the money for our local Baseball League.

Okay Elena, enough complaining; your readers didn’t come for this. 🙂 Of course I came to show you a card that I already gave to my co-worker who has a problem with her leg. I decided to make her a Feel Better Soon card. For the layout I followed a FFF Sketch from the last week and inked up a sweet little girl HP-Snuggle from The Greeting Farm once again (sorry for the picture quality, couldn’t make it any brighter…).

That is all for now… I will be back tomorrow with a very exciting project! 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your time with me. Thank you for leaving your kind comments!

Hugs and smiles,


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9 Responses
  1. Hello Elena! I think I spent half my childhood at baseball games as I had 4 older brothers who all played! I can so relate LOL!
    Sweet card today…love the colors you used!

  2. Jane says:

    Very pretty, love the buttons

  3. Леночка, какая трогательная история!
    Открыточка, конечно, в тему!
    До завтра! очень жду от тебя новостей!

  4. What a darling card.. sure to help bring a smile to your friend. Hope that Sergei if having fun, anyway. That is the real victory.

  5. Danni says:

    This is such a sweet card!

  6. Ida says:

    Very cute! This sweet card would cheer anyone up.
    Sorry to hear Sergei’s team has lost games but it’s good that he is enjoying playing. See you tomorrow!

  7. Sparkle says:

    Such a sweet and darling card!

  8. Eva says:

    Удачи вас с Сергеем.
    Какая милая трогательная открытка,сразу вспомнился любым в детстве медвежонок.который уговорили подарить мальчику маленькому.Мне так жаль было расставаться с медвежонком.До сих пор помню

  9. Kerri M. says:

    I just love that image, and need to put it on my wish list:) Such a cute card, and your co-worker will love and appreciate it!!!

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