Hello to Everybody!

I would like to thank Connie, Carol, Heather, Ida, and Sue for the nice comments on my blog! I was very glad to see you here! That’s really helped me to feel better about my card and it gave me so much inspiration! It is nice to hear warm and kind words from people about stuff you make.

Clip Art Card 1My card that I want you to show was very fun to do. I made it for my friend to wish her a safe trip to Odessa for her vacation. One day I saw a very interesting post on Allison’s blog about using Microsoft Clip Art. I found it very interesting and decided to try. Her tutorial is very helpful and helped me a lot. Allison has done great work on creating the whole gallery of cute girls and boys. She shared all of the images she found. Thank you Allison! Check her blog out and you will like them too.

I found the image for the card and made it black and white following the step-by-step tutorial by Allison. I printed the image on watercolor paper and then colored it using my watercolor pencils. Then I cut it out… I looked at this little car image and a little light bulb turned on in my head. I had an idea about how to make this car move. I remembered a very cute pull-tub gift cardholder that I saw on Nichole Heady’s blog made by Molly. It’s an amazing card. Molly wrote a tutorial about how to make this card. She mentioned that it was her “first attempt to explain anything in depth.” Molly, thank you very much for your wonderful tutorial. It was so easy to follow all your directions. She has done a great job. For my card I changed the size for the insert and added a little detail (road sign) so it will be like a little tab to pull the car.

Clip Art Card 2For making clouds on my card I used a tutorial that I found on Jessica’s blog. I found her blog through Google search. When I don’t know how to do something, I just go on Google and type the key word. This time it was “cloud tutorial.” I usually do an image search. This way you can find new creative blogs to educate yourself. Jessica has so many interesting ideas and lots of tutorials. I was amazed by her creativity of how to make a masterpiece from a dollar store item. That is unbelievable! Great job!!!

Clip Art Image

I hope that you found something interesting today as I find each day from other creative people!

Thank you for stopping by and I will see you soon!

Supplies for the card: card stock, clip art image, water colored pencils, dye-based ink, sponges, letter stamps, glue dots.

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5 Responses
  1. Allison says:

    Thanks for the shout out! This is a terrific piece of clipart which I may have to use myself! Great card!

  2. Sue says:

    It`s good to see another card from you hon.keep `um coming!! Sue x

  3. Molly B says:

    That card is so great. What a super iea to use the road sign as a pull tab. I love it. Im tickled that you found my tutorial helpful. Thank you! -Molly B

  4. Вера says:

    Еленочка, с твоей легкой руки мы благополучно съездили в Одессу и прекрасно отдохнули! И теперь эта оригинально исполненная открытка напоминает мне о самых счастливых дня в этом году! Спасибо!

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